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Forwarded from Intel Slava Z
🇬🇪🇷🇺 The West wants Georgia to open a “second front” against Russia. Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze stated this.

“Since the beginning of 2022, there has been serious interest in opening a “second front” in Georgia, which would weaken Russia’s position, but this would destroy our country. Such interest remains today,” Kobakhidze said, commenting on the West’s dissatisfaction with the Georgian law on foreign agents.

He believes that in today's world there is a "global war party" that "is not interested in the fate of Georgia and its interest lies only in weakening Russia's position."
Forwarded from Ukraine Watch
⚡️ China demands that the US refrain from organising visits by members of Congress to Taiwan - Chinese Foreign Ministry
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Forwarded from Ukraine Watch
🇺🇸 Blinken urges the Biden administration to allow Ukraine to use US weapons for strikes against Russia, the NYT reports.

He proposed the initiative because of the Russian army's successes, particularly in Kharkov, the paper says. The publication stresses that "the Russians have opened a new front.

Under the leadership of the State Department, the administration is engaged in a "vigorous debate", the newspaper notes. Biden has not yet been presented with the draft.

Earlier, the speaker of the US House of Representatives supported the AFU strikes on Russia with American weapons. And London said it allowed strikes on Crimea because it considers the peninsula "part of Ukraine".
Translation: "Please set the stage to spark the War of Gog and MaGog, Third World War"
Media is too big
Here is an example of that:

The prophecy of the War of Gog and Magog, wherein the east and west will decimate each other with a war in Israel being the flashpoint....
Forwarded from ToreSays®+
The EU threatened to KILL the Georgian PM because he adopted a foreign agent law. #WickedUrsula
🇪🇺🇬🇪- "The European Union does not support this path of the Georgian authorities. We were in Georgia together with the ministers of Lithuania, Latvia and Iceland, and the situation was very, very disturbing. The Government of Georgia is deviating from the European path." – Estonian Foreign Ministry, Margus Tsahkna.
🇪🇬🇮🇱⚡️- Reports of clashes at the Rafah crossing between Egyptian and Israeli forces.

Israeli media says the IDF fired "warning shots" in the direction of Egyptian forces, who "opened fire on their own accord."
🇬🇪- The Georgian Parliamentary Committee, led by the Speaker Shalva Papuashvili, overrides the President’s veto on the 'Foreign Agent' law, just now.
Forwarded from Insider Paper
BREAKING: Six arrested under Hong Kong’s new security law for ‘posting messages’ online: police


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Forwarded from Vanessa Beeley
Nikki Haley signs Israeli shells destined for for Gaza and Lebanon with the words "finish them. America 🖤 Israel always"

Forwarded from Lord Bebo & Friends (крип)
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