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Forwarded from Sergeant News Network
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🇧🇷BRAZIL: A woman said "it is fraud if Lula wins the election. We will not accept it. No communism here...We will not become Venezuela..."
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Similar Q type language is being spread in Brazil to not worry about the election fraud, the military will step in. Trust the Plan. The same sorry story that played out in the US is being performed in Brazil now. The script writers didn't even make any modifications for the Brazilian elections. 🥲
Forwarded from Black Bond PTV ⚔️🦅😇 (Black Bond)
🇫🇷🇧🇷 L’élection brésilienne ressemble à s’y méprendre à l’élection américaine.

🇺🇸🇧🇷 The Brazilian election is very similar to the American election.

Forwarded from LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)
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Bill Gates Slams Renewable Energy In Resurfaced Video

At the 2018 Stanford University Global Energy Forum, Chair Professor Arun Majumdar mentioned the growing optimism about renewable energy.

Gates: “That is so disappointing. I mean, really. Here’s Tokyo, 27 million people. You have three days of a cyclone basically every year. It’s 22 gigawatts rate over three days. You know, tell me what battery solution is going to sit there and provide that power?

"I mean, let’s not jerk around, you’re multiple orders of magnitude, oh a hundred dollars per Kilowatt hour, that’s nothing. That doesn’t solve the reliability problem. And remember electricity is twenty five percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Wherever we came up with this term green energy, I think it screwed up people’s minds, now they don’t

Well he sure has changed his tune now! 😳
This Federal Reserve exercise makes it clear the owners of the central banks are driving the push toward a technocratic social credit system using the false narrative of climate science as the pretext for a truly despotic regime of social, economic and political control.

The families behind the central banks should be identified and imprisoned as they are a threat to peace on earth.
Forwarded from George Galloway
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Almost certainly the USS Kearsarge with its helicopter just 20 miles away was responsible for blowing up Nordstream.

They boast about how the Baltic is an American, a NATO Sea. No one else could have done it.

Nobody else but America could have committed this terrorist attack on the European economy and its people.

#Nordstream #UnitedStates #Germany #Russia

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I agree with this guy, but he shouldn't leave out that every western European "leader " is also self sabotaging their own country. Yiu vant place all the blame on America, sorry pal.

We live in a strange time where every single country in the world practically is acting against it's own self interest. Makes you wonder who's fiddle these puppets are truely dancing to 🤔
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